Farm holiday in Denmark

Welcome at Solvang apartments. Enjoy a carefree farm holiday with us. Ideal for the children or to relax yourself.
Our farm is located in Ansager on the Danish Jutland

We rent several apartments:

Apartement 1 (4-5 personen)

Apartement 2 (6-8 personen)

Appartement 3 (1-2 personen)

Family room (1-3 personen)

It is also possible to stay at our camping

Boerderijvakantie denemarken koeien

What to do on a farm holiday in Denmark?

At our farm there is plenty to do for young and old.
For example, we have the old hay shed  the ideal place to come together to play a game or read a book.
It is fun for the children to visit the cows (or calves). Of course under supervision and good instructions from us.

What to do in the surroundings of the farm?

In addition to the various things to do on the farm, there is also a lot to do in the area.
We have highlighted some nice things on the Tips and surroundings  page.