The farm and surroundings

The farm is often a wonderful playground for the children, but it is not without dangers as they work with machines and animals.
When we arrive at the farm, we like to go around the farm with the children and parents to agree on where to play and what not.

The playground equipment in the garden and in the yard can be used but the use is at your own risk!


The farm

We have been living and working  in the Danish country since 1997. We have a dairy farm.
About 120 dairy cows are present on the farm. We have approximately 130 hectares of land in use. We also grow corn, peas and barley.

boerderij koeien

stable with cow cubicles 

In April 2007, the dairy cows moved to the new cubicle stable.
In this spacious and modern stable there is enough space for the cows.

The milking parlor

In the milking parlor, 24 cows can be milked at the same time.
The day on the farm starts early, the milking of the cows is done around 06:00 AM in the morning.
In the evening the cows are also milked again around 6:00 PM.

Are you curious about how milking a cow works? Then come and have a look while milking. (ask in advance of course)


The young stable
The young cows are  housed in the young cow stable that we built in 2000.